We fund women-led projects that aim to benefit the development of the decentralized ecosystem..

MGD Grants Program

Our vision is a world in which all people have economic freedom and financial independence. No matter the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, or the country they live in, everyone should have the right to live a happy and meaningful life. This type of world requires breaking down conventional structures and pushing against the status quo. It is what blockchain technology and decentralization aim to do.

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  • You are a female Founder or Co-Founder
  • You are building a decentralized application or working on a project that benefits the development of a decentralized world
  • Working on a program that encourages women/minorities to be part of your community

Meta Gamma Delta is uniquely positioned to provide grants to worthy women-led projects in Web3 and DeFi. As a DAO, we act as a collective and have a broad network. Individually, we are builders of community but also builders of products and services that are changing the world. We see what’s new, what’s relevant, and what’s going to have an impact. We are well-equipped to vet projects and teams based on their ability to deliver on their grant proposal and provide extended value.

A Few Great Reasons to Donate
  • Support women at the forefront of technology.
  • Help Meta Gamma Delta create on-ramps for women founders, builders, educators, and creators.
  • Bubble up interesting new projects and approaches that you aren’t hearing about in the mainstream.
  • Support the development of Decentralized Finance, and diversity in this emerging and fast-moving new area
  • You are early to the space! Celebrate by putting a percentage of your gains back into the community.

 Would you like to create a specific grant for builders on a particular platform, or discuss a larger individual donation? Email us at

 A variety of currencies are accepted. If you donate in PAN we receive an additional match thanks to Panvala League. DAI, ETH, BTC, or other currencies are also welcome of course!

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Thank you to our Sponsors!

Our grants program is made possible due to the hard work of our Meta Gamma Delta members and all of the individuals and organizations who support our mission.

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MGD is an inclusive and empowering society supporting women-led projects.





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