Meta Gamma Delta

Meta Gamma Delta is an inclusive and empowering society supporting women-led projects ✨


Join a safe space

MGD is a safe space for fostering conversations around ideas, projects, new tech and new ways of doing things. Everyone is welcome, everyone has the power to effect change.

Gain Access

MetaGammaDelta can serve as an access point to a lot of different stories, wealths of experience, varied skillsets and opportunities. Our society is all about broadening access to resources.

Share Ideas

There is nothing more powerful than an idea who’s time has come! Ideas move us forward so exploring, evolving and realizing ideas are the way forward. At MGD, we focus on nurturing powerful ideas and help make them reality.

Join Us!

Join the women of Web3! Join the Discord to learn more about MGD and get started in the pledging process.

Check us out on DAOhaus. This is the platform we use to submit and vote on proposals.

About Us

MGD is an inclusive and empowering society supporting women-led projects.





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